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Screen-as-you-go spreadsheet

Link to download the CARE Screen as you go spreadsheet

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Document information - Cover Letter: 

Dear CARE collaborator,


Here is a template Excel workbook that will make it easier for you to record the gradual process of screening, approaching and enrolling patients in the CARE study.


We recognise from our early experience that it can be challenging to keep track of all patients who are potentially eligible for CARE. This can be particularly the case for newly diagnosed patients, whose eligibility and approach evolves over time while they undergo further imaging, recovery, clinical assessments, and reflection on the treatment options.


That’s why we have developed this Excel workbook, which arose from our own experience of screening in Edinburgh. This workbook will:

  • Record screened patients’ identifiers, for your ease of reference. Therefore, you should keep this document on a secure NHS server.
  • Record the characteristics of the patient and their cavernoma that you must record in the CARE screening log.
  • Record the stepwise process of confirming eligibility, approach, uncertainty, and consent to help teams track all potentially eligible patients who you screen.
  • Make the process of entering screening data into the CARE study eCRF easier for you once you have final decisions about eligibility and consent.


We hope that you find this useful, and it makes the screening process easier for you. We will record a CARE Chat video about it and circulate it soon. Let us know if you have any feedback.


Best wishes,


James Loan and Rustam Al-Shahi Salman