Edinburgh Clinical Trials

CARE Recruiter tips and guidance (Top Tips)

The following document was created by the QRI Team (Julia Wade) and is a useful resource for conducting the CARE trial.

We’ve an update to our CARE recruiter Tips and Guidance to share with you.  This update brings together the insights you as recruiters have captured in your audio recorded discussions with patients or shared with us in interviews, investigator meetings and emails.


We’ve divided these into two separate documents:

  1. CARE_TipsGuidance_Screening_V1_8Dec22 –tips for screening patients for eligibility to take part in CARE

  2. CARE_TipsGuidance_Recruitment_V3.0_8Dec22 –tips for discussing the CARE study with patients.


Please contact Julia.wade@bristol.ac.uk if you have any comments or questions about these Tips.