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Prof Steff Lewis
Steff Lewis Photo

Interim Director of ECTU;

Professor of Medical Statistics;  0131 651 9956; steff.lewis@ed.ac.uk

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Steff Lewis is a medical statistician with an MSc and a PhD in medical statistics.  She has extensive experience in meta-analysis (including involvement in the Cochrane Collaboration) and randomised trials.  She was deputy chair of the UK-CRC registered Trials Units Statistics Subgroup until 2019, and was on the UK-CRC Task and Finish Group on data sharing.  She manages the statistics group in the UK-CRC registered Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit.  Steff is an independent expert on the Data Monitoring Committees of several randomised trials, and has extensive experience in the design, conduct and analysis of trials in a range of clinical areas.  She has experience of funding committees, in particular NIHR HTA and CSO.

Prof John Norrie
Professor John Norrie

Outgoing Director of ECTU;

Chair of Medical Statistics and Trial Methodology; 0131 651 7875 ; j.norrie@ed.ac.uk

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John is taking up a new position at Queen's University Belfast on 1 August 2024

John is the Director of the Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit (ECTU), providing direction and leadership for the clinical trials activity, with overall responsibility for the clinical trials portfolio (currently greater than 100 studies) and the multidisciplinary staff of administrators, statisticians, data management and programming professionals, trial managers, health economists, and quality assurance (currently around 70 FTE). ECTU is a fully registered UKCRC Clinical Trials Unit (www.ukcrc.org/research-infrastructure/clinical-trials-units/registered-clinical-trials-units/).

John is a medical statistician and clinical trialist, and is dedicated to improving health through randomised trials. John has led the academic Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) in Aberdeen (the Centre for Healthcare Randomised Trials, CHaRT), having spent over 15 years in the Glasgow CTU (the Robertson Centre for Biostatistics, RCB). John is involved in global health initiatives and is currently Chair of the MRC/NIHR Efficacy and Mechanisms Evaluation (EME) Funding Board, and provides independent oversight for landmark trials (Trial Steering Committees and Data Monitoring Committees). John was elected Fellow Society for Clinical Trials (FSCT, 2015) and Faculty Public Health (FFPH, 2018), and the Royal Society of Edinburgh (FRSE, 2022).  

John is fascinated by using randomised designs not just in medicine but in social care, business, education, justice, and agriculture; and is at his most productive when designing trials and developing the skills and expertise of the next generation of trialists.

Prof Rustam Al-Shahi Salman
Prof Rustam Al-Shahi Salman

Clinical Director & Professor of Clinical Neurology;

0131 242 7014; Rustam.Al-Shahi@ed.ac.uk

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I am a professor of clinical neurology at The University of Edinburgh and an honorary consultant neurologist in NHS Lothian. As ECTU clinical director, I represent chief investigators and work alongside the Director and Chief Operating Officer to implement the clinical trials strategy. I also chair the University’s Clinical Trials Oversight Group and I am clinical director of the UKCRC CTU network. I lead the Research to Understand Stroke due to Haemorrhage (RUSH) programme, which is dedicated to improving the outcome for adults who have diseases that may cause, or have caused, intracranial hemorrhage by evaluating interventions in randomised controlled trials.  My clinical practice includes the care of patients with any type of stroke and other neurological diseases. I am concerned about Increasing Value and Reducing Waste in Research and improving the environmental sustainability of clinical trials.

Joyce Thomson
Joyce Thomson

Chief Operating Officer; 0131 651 9982; joyce.thomson@ed.ac.uk

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Reporting to the Director, Joyce is responsible for the overall running and strategic management of ECTU. This involves having oversight of HR, finance, operational and planning functions.  Joyce is closely involved in assessing and developing research grant proposals, working with the trial execution and methodology teams on the operational planning and costing of future studies.  She represents ECTU on the various management committees within the Deanery, Institute and College.  

Having over 25 years’ experience within Operations, Joyce has worked in a variety of industries and roles and has been involved with clinical trials for the past decade. Her background is in Chemistry and she has a Masters degree in Business Administration.

Gina Cranswick
G Cranswick photograph

Trial Team Manager (Operational); 0131 651 9911; gina.cranswick@ed.ac.uk

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My background is in managing large, international, pragmatic, academic trials. My role is Trial Team Manager for the Operations team within ECTU. This 15 strong team is made up of Trial managers, assistant TMs, support officers and data management. I am responsible for overseeing the trial within our portfolio including CTIMPS, NON CTIMPs, device trials and observational studies within a range of disease conditions including GI, rheumatology, neurology, paediatrics, cardiology and critical care. Part of my role is to provide research design advice to researchers for potential new studies. I am also a founder member on the faculty of the Edinburgh Clinical Trials Management Course.

Kenton D'Mellow
Kenton D'Mellow

Data Management and Programming Team Lead; 

0131 651 9932; Kenton.D'Mellow@ed.ac.uk

Leads a team that develops and manages data collection and management systems for clinical trials and other types of clinical research.

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Pamela Sinclair






Pamela Sinclair

Business Team Lead; 0131 651 9902; pamela.sinclair@ed.ac.uk

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Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, is responsible for leading the Business Team and providing the business and administrative support function of ECTU ensuring that the operating requirements of all ECTU teams are met.  Contributes to the strategic development of ECTU and the delivery and development of the clinical trials pathway within Edinburgh.

Aggie Tello
Aggie Tello

Senior Research Development Manager; 

0131 651 9974(BQ9); agnes.tello@ed.ac.uk

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As the lead of the ECTU Research Development Team, I work in partnership with Chief Investigators and colleagues across the University of Edinburgh and NHS to develop, design and deliver high-quality research proposals for randomised controlled trials and other clinical studies.

My research background is in genetics (MSc) and regenerative medicine (PhD). Most recently, I was the Senior Programme Manager for Early Cancer Diagnosis at the University of St Andrews.   


Prof Chris Weir
Professor Christopher Weir

Professor of Medical statistics and Clinical Trials; 0131 651 9957 (BQ9); christopher.weir@ed.ac.uk

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Experienced health services researcher and clinical trials methodologist, co-leading the statistical work of the Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit.  Role involves collaboration with clinical investigators to deliver high impact clinical trials and health research studies, alongside development of novel statistical clinical trials methodology to support current and future research.

Current Research Interests

  • Adaptive design clinical trials
  • Statistical methods for the evaluation of potential surrogate outcomes in clinical trials
  • Design and analysis of cluster-randomised trials, including stepped-wedge designs

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