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Prof John Norrie
John Norrie photo


Chair of Medical Statistics and Trial Methodology; 0131 651 7875 (BQ9); j.norrie@ed.ac.uk

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Prof Rustam Al-Shahi Salman
R Al-Shahi Salman photo

Clinical Director & Professor of Clinical Neurology

0131 465 9602; Rustam.Al-Shahi@ed.ac.uk

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Joyce Thomson
Joyce Thomson

Chief Operating Officer   


Reporting directly to the director and clinical director is responsible for the overall running and management of ECTU.  This involves having oversight of all HR, finance and planning functions.  I am also closely involved in developing research grant proposals working with the methodology team and CIs on the operational planning of future studies and pulling together the costs for applications.  Represents ECTU on the various management committees within the Deanery, Institute and College.  

I have over 25 years’ experience within Operations, working in a variety of industries and roles, most recently within commercial clinical trials. My background is in Chemistry and I have recently graduated with a Masters in Business Administration.

Gina Cranswick
G Cranswick photograph

Trial Team Manager (Operational); 0131 537 2531; gina.cranswick@ed.ac.uk

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My background is in managing large, international, pragmatic, academic trials. My role is Trial Team Manager for the Operations team within ECTU. This 15 strong team is made up of Trial managers, assistant TMs, support officers and data management. I am responsible for overseeing the trial within our portfolio including CTIMPS, NON CTIMPs, device trials and observational studies within a range of disease conditions including GI, rheumatology, neurology, paediatrics, cardiology and critical care. Part of my role is to provide research design advice to researchers for potential new studies. I am also a founder member on the faculty of the Edinburgh Clinical Trials Management Course.

Prof Steff Lewis
Steff Lewis Photo

Professor of Medical Statistics;  0131 650 3198; steff.lewis@ed.ac.uk

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Michelle Steven
Michelle Steven

Data Management and Programming Team Leader; m.steven@ed.ac.uk

Manages a team that develops and manages data collection and management systems for clinical trials and other types of clinical research.



Aggie Tello
Aggie Tello

Senior Research Development Manager; agnes.tello@ed.ac.uk

As the lead of the ECTU Research Development Team, I work in partnership with Chief Investigators and colleagues across the University of Edinburgh and NHS to develop, design and deliver high-quality research proposals for randomised controlled trials and other clinical studies.

My research background is in genetics (MSc) and regenerative medicine (PhD). Most recently, I was the Senior Programme Manager for Early Cancer Diagnosis at the University of St Andrews.   

Prof Chris Weir
Christopher Weir photograph

Professor of Medical statistics and Clinical Trials; 0131 650 3230; christopher.weir@ed.ac.uk

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