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Our Public Advisory Group (PAG)

Our PAG members are actively involved throughout the research life-cycle, from shaping grant applications to communicating results.

Engaging with and Involving the Public

The EAVE II Public Advisory Group (PAG) has fifteen members from a wide range of backgrounds and Patient Public Involvement (PPI) experience across Scotland, England and Wales. They are actively involved in:

  • shaping our research grant applications;
  • analysis design;
  • project steering;
  • results interpretation and dissemination;
  • contributing to our understanding of the public's perspective of COVID-19.

Together we hold regular virtual meetings and two of our members sit on the Trial Steering Group.

Our PPI report

EAVE II tracks the COVID-19 pandemic in Scotland, informing vaccine and lockdown policy in the UK and worldwide. Patients and the public have been working with the project since Nov 2020. How did we do it? Read our report on patient and public involvement with near real-time health data tracking to find out!

Click here to read our EAVE II PPI Report in PDF format

Click here to read our EAVE II PPI Report in plain text format

What our PAG say about EAVE II

“It is more than clear that pandemics will continue to arrive in the future, and Scotland needs to be better prepared for these occurrences.  I fully expect that EAVE II will form an essential cornerstone of that preparedness. Many future health benefits will arise from its ongoing deployment as an invaluable rich research resource of patient data.”

David WPAG Co-lead and Steering Group Member

Using population data means that, as with PPI, more people’s stories get included. That makes any decisions based on the research not only more accurate, but also fairer – whether that is for people from an ethnic minority, people living with suppressed immune systems, or people living in more deprived areas of the country.

Sandra JPAG Co-lead and Steering Group Member
Infographic summarising the main outputs and contributions of the EAVE II PAG.
An infographic (updated December 2022) summarising the key contributions of EAVE II's Public Advisory Group.

Member profiles

Click on our members to find out more about them, and hear why they got involved with EAVE II and PPI.

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