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Funders & Partners

Information on project funding and partners.


The Long COVID project has been supported by the Chief Scientist Office, grant number COV/LTE/20/15.

EAVE II is supported by:

  • a grant (MC_PC_19075) from the Medical Research Council;
  • a grant (MC_PC_19004) from BREATHE–The Health Data Research Hub for Respiratory Health, funded through the UK.  
  • Public Health Scotland;
  • and the Scottish Government Director General for Health and Social Care.

Project Lead Luke Daines is also supported by a post-doctoral clinical fellowship from the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research.

Vittal Katikireddi is funded from a NRS Senior Clinical Fellowship (SCAF/15/02), the Medical Research Council (MC_UU_00022/2) and the Scottish Government Chief Scientist Office (SPHSU17).

Partners and Collaborators