Usher Institute

Talent programme

An ambitious plan for education and training will deliver new data capability for the health and social care sector.

An ambitious plan of education and training has been laid out for the ‘Talent’ component of the health and social care sector data-driven innovation programme.  This plan will enable students and health and social care professionals to realise the value of health data, which will benefit the health and wellbeing of citizens in the Edinburgh and South East Scotland region and beyond.

The capability gap in digital and data has been recognised by organisations such as the Digital Health & Care Institute, Social Care Institute for Excellence and the Scottish Social Services Council and this plan will address the shortage.

Investment will be over three years, beginning in the academic year 2020-21 and is targeted in educational and training programmes across three distinct paths:

  • Enhanced data science capability in the medicine undergraduate degree
  • Three new online master’s degrees
  • Continuing Professional Development.

The Usher Institute provides the base to deliver these educational and training programmes. An expected 20,000 students and health and social care professionals will be engaged and trained in the application of data, and 9,000 will attain certification in transferable data skills.

This programme of education and training will significantly contribute towards meeting the objectives and key performance indicators of the City Region Deal.

Data-Driven Innovation Funding: £989k

Timescale: Over three year period 2020-2023


Find out more on the Health and Social Care DDI Talent Programme website