Clinical Natural Language Processing Research Group


Our clinical NLP seminars to facilitate research collaboration.

7th Dec 2021 - 2pm - Cameron Fairfield

The talk is titled "ToKSA: Tokenised Key Sentence Annotation - An Efficient Method to Approximate Ground Truth for NLP".

16th November 2021 - 2pm - Zeljko Kraljevic

The talk will be about Deep Learning for NLP in Healthcare (CogStack, MedCAT, MedGPT, etc.).

7th October 2021 - 2pm - Martin Chapman

Slides available for this talk, titled "Phenoflow - A Microservice Architecture for Portable Workflow-based Phenotype Definitions".

2nd March 2021 - 9am - Jose Manuel Gomez-Perez

Slides available for the talk, titled "On the Role of Knowledge Graphs and Language Models in Machine Understanding of Scientific Documents".