Cancer and Primary Care Research International Network

What is Ca-PRI?

The Cancer and Primary Care Research International Network (Ca-PRI) is an open, multidisciplinary network for researchers in primary cancer care and related areas.

Ca-PRI was founded in 2008 and welcomes researchers from all disciplines related to research and development in the fields of cancer in primary care.

Mission Statement

To develop a greater understanding of the role of primary care in the prevention and management of cancer in order to improve its delivery.

We do this by promoting the exchange of information about cancer care across international boundaries, and supporting the formation of international collaborations between researchers and care providers involved in primary cancer care


Ca-PRI has the following main aims:

  • To support and stimulate networking.
  • To encourage and support comparative studies.
  • To creating an environment for international collaborations.

To achieve these aims the Ca-PRI Network provides a mechanism by which researchers from different countries can come together and share expertise and, ideally, develop new international collaborative proposals.

Themes of work

Because primary care is involved in cancer care across the continuum from prevention to end of life care we encourage research in seven key areas: primary prevention; early diagnosis; screening; survivorship; end of life care; conceptual and methodological issues; communication, decision making and care coodination.

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