Cancer and Primary Care Research International Network

Oxford Conference 2022

The Ca-PRI 2022 conference will be held in Oxford.

The theme is: Tailoring our approach to cancer control in primary care


We are accepting abstracts for Workshops, Oral and Poster presentations against the following categories

Screening & Prevention

Early diagnosis


This list is not exhaustive and is meant as a guide, there is also the option to submit under 'other'


Please consider our cross-cutting themes for Ca-PRI 2022.  

Harnessing big data: from genomics and wearables to risk prediction and AI

Novel models of care: from diagnostic pathway redesign to patient direct access

Cancer and comorbidity: diagnostic dilemmas or opportunities

Personalised follow-up: from detecting recurrence to holistic care

Deadline 31 January 2022

Please contact Ruth Davis ( with any queries about the Ca-PRI Oxford 2022 conference


Submit an abstract via The University of Oxford



Oxford Conference 2022

Ca-PRI 2022: Tailoring our approach to cancer control in primary care