BREATHE - Health Data Research Hub for Respiratory Health

Our Partners

BREATHE is a unique collaboration between academic, charity and industry partners, from across the UK and globally, working alongside patients and the public.

Our partners bring a range of expertise, skills and perspectives from different backgrounds and sectors. Working together, we are taking steps to facilitate the use of health data, and drive improvements for those with respiratory conditions across the UK. 

BREATHE is led by the University of Edinburgh, Imperial College London, the University of Leicester, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, Queen Mary University of London and Swansea University. 

The BREATHE bid to become a Health Data Research Hub was supported by our Founding Partners. Our network continues to grow with the addition of Supporting Partners, aligned with our vision of enabling better respiratory health through better connected data. 

Find out more about each of our partners below. 


University of Edinburgh logo

The University of Edinburgh

BREATHE Director, Professor Aziz Sheikh, is based at the University of Edinburgh.

The Hub's Digitally Enabled Trials programme is led by Professor Aziz Sheikh and Professor John Norrie from Edinburgh.

Imperial College London logo, blue text

Imperial College London

Professor Jenni Quint, BREATHE Deputy Director, Chief Clinical Officer and co-Lead of the Real-World Evidence programme of work, is based at Imperial College London.

University of Leicester red logo

The University of Leicester

Professor Martin Tobin, Chief Scientific Officer and co-Lead of the Drug Discovery and Pharmacogenomics programme, is based at the University of Leicester.

NIHR Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre logo

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Professor Ian Hall, co-Lead of the Drug Discovery and Pharmacogenomics programme, is based at the NIHR Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.

Queen Mary University of London logo blue

Queen Mary University of London

Professor Chris Griffiths, co-Lead of the Real-World Evidence programme, is based at Queen Mary University of London.

Swansea University logo blue

Swansea University

Professor David Ford, Chief Data Officer, is based at Swansea University.

SAIL Databank, the primary Trusted Research Environment for BREATHE, is powered by the Secure e-Research Platform (SeRP) based at Swansea University. 



Becoming a Supporting Partner

A growing number of organisations are joining the Hub as Supporting Partners. 

BREATHE has two main categories of Supporting Partner: Data Partners and Strategic Partners. 

What it means to be a Data Partner 

Data Partners will help BREATHE realise its vision by intending to:   

  • Bring together useful respiratory datasets to BREATHE, so they can be easily discovered by researchers and innovators (for example, providing metadata to the HDR UK Gateway)  

  • Provide access to the highest quality data (for example, providing access to datasets through BREATHE’s partnered TRE, SAIL Databank)  

  • Promote the responsible use of health data for patient benefit, protecting privacy at all stages.  

  • In some cases, provide expertise to drive the use of health data in research and innovation. 

What it means to be a Strategic Partner  

The partnership intends to benefit from (without limitation):  

  • Working together to improve access to data through adopting FAIR principles to improve the findability, accessibility, interoperability of data. 

  • Being part of an initiative that aims to make respiratory health better by changing the way the NHS, researchers, industry and charities use data. 

  • Engaging with patients and the public through combining resources, increasing our engagement and maximising the patient voice by input through patients’ networks 

  • Joining up and aligning on communications, engagement and influencing in respect to data and its power to transform the lives of people living with respiratory diseases. 

  • In some cases, providing expertise to drive the use of health data in research and innovation. 

If you are interested in learning more about our partnerships and how your organisation could get involved, please contact us. 

Email the BREATHE team