BREATHE - Health Data Research Hub for Respiratory Health

What we do

BREATHE is enabling the use of health data in cutting-edge research and innovation, to address respiratory conditions such as asthma and COPD.


Stethoscope pictured on top of x ray image of chest
Better respiratory health, through better connected data

Who are the Hub services for?

Two people looking at computer screen surrounded by other screens displaying graphs
At BREATHE, we are passionate about health data and enabling others to utilise its full potential.

Working with patients and the public

Group of people laughing round a table
We work closely with patients and the public to make sure health data is used transparently and responsibly, and delivers the most impact for those with respiratory conditions.

Working with industry

Technician prepares for a viral whole-genome sequencing experiment at the Cancer Genomics Research Laboratory
From small technology pioneers, to world leaders in respiratory medicine, we are working alongside companies to advance the use of health data and deliver improvements in respiratory health.

BREATHE-associated projects

Healthcare professionals sat round table having discussion
Many research projects and programmes seeking to improve the lives of those affected by respiratory conditions using health and care data are formally associated with the BREATHE Hub.