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Diveplane joins BREATHE as a Supporting Partner

Diveplane and BREATHE - the Health Data Research Hub for Respiratory Health have entered into a new partnership.

As a Supporting Partner, Diveplane will support BREATHE as they seek to improve and broaden the use of health data and electronic health records in respiratory research and innovation. 

Innovative AI and synthetic datasets

Diveplane has developed several innovative AI solutions to tackle problems across a range of industries, including healthcare. GEMINAI, Diveplane’s flagship product, uses patented techniques to create synthetic datasets featuring entirely new data points from existing data. These new datasets maintain the statistical properties of the original without revealing any personally identifiable information, allowing the data to be shared widely while adhering to privacy regulations and protecting personal information.

We’re so proud to be coming on board as a partner for BREATHE. Being able to support the Hub in their efforts to improve the lives of individuals who live with respiratory conditions is so fulfilling for us at Diveplane.

Alan CrossChief Commercial Officer, Diveplane

As part of the partnership, Cross will also be taking on a role as a Co-Chair of the BREATHE Industry Forum. This group of industry representatives will further work to provide technology, services and advice to the Hub as they advance in their work and become a key pillar in the UK’s growing health data research landscape.

The BREATHE Hub benefits immensely from diverse perspectives – ranging from members of the public and patients, clinicians, academics, charitable bodies to commercial organisations – who have come together to enable trustworthy use of data to improve respiratory health in the UK and beyond. It’s this unique breadth of expertise that allows us to explore and innovate in the ways that we do.

We’re delighted to welcome Diveplane as a supporting partner, and Alan Cross as Co-Chair of our newly formed Industry Forum, which will bring an invaluable commercial perspective to our Hub’s services. We see great potential in the use of synthetic data and are keen to learn from and work with a cutting-edge industrial partner in this emerging branch of data science.

Professor Aziz SheikhBREATHE Director

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