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BREATHE announces new Curiosity Group

BREATHE is seeking members of the public with experience of respiratory illness, or an interest in respiratory research, to join its Curiosity Group.

BREATHE has launched its new Curiosity Group to support patients and the public to share their views on the use of health data in respiratory research, and shape the Hub’s activity.

The input of patients and the public is crucial to ensure health data is used transparently and responsibly, and for vital research which delivers the biggest impact for those with respiratory conditions.

Different levels of activity

The Curiosity Group offers three levels, allowing members to commit as much or as little time as they wish. Involvement activity is varied and can include anything from completing a simple survey, to joining focus groups, to co-writing funding applications.

Members will be supported to grow within the role, to get the most out of the experience, and can choose to move up or down levels depending on their circumstances.

Curiosity Group Levels

Level 1 - Information: Stay in touch with regular updates and opportunities from BREATHE

Level 2 - Contribution: Share your thoughts and inform our work through surveys and polls

Level 3 - Involvement: Shape BREATHE activity, with the chance to get involved in meetings, events and input to materials.

Make a difference

Developing the Hub’s partnership with patients and the public, input from Curiosity Group members will help direct BREATHE activity towards creating better outcomes for people with respiratory illnesses.

If you have experience of respiratory illness, either as a patient, carer or family member, or are interested in how health data is used for the benefit of respiratory patients, we would love to hear from you!

It is a privilege to work alongside world-leading experts at BREATHE. Our patient experiences have influenced Hub strategy and provided unique input to BREATHE projects and partnerships. Through the Curiosity Group, we want to support more people to share their perspectives, guide BREATHE activity, and help shape the future of respiratory research.

Alex BrownriggLay Lead and Executive Team member, BREATHE

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