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BREATHE welcomes five interns as part of Black Internship Programme

The programme, coordinated by Health Data Research UK (HDR UK), will commence in the summer of 2021, providing paid work experience to future Black data scientists.

The Black community are heavily underrepresented in the science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) community.

As the UK’s national institute for health data science, HDR UK and its partners are delighted to announce that they have recruited a total of 54 interns - over 30 being women - to join this year’s Black internship programme. The programme, taking place across 25 partner organisations, is run in partnership with the 10,000 Black Interns initiative and the UK Health Data Research Alliance.

Through the Black internship programme, HDR UK hopes to help tackle the underrepresentation of Black people within the STEM community by transforming the prospects of and providing opportunities for young Black people in the UK to flourish in their future STEM careers.

BREATHE – the Health Data Research Hub for Respiratory Health will host five interns, based at sites including the University of Edinburgh, Imperial College London, and the University of Leicester. Gaining an insight into the real-life impact of health data science, the interns will be working on active research projects within the Hub.

We’re delighted to have five talented interns joining the BREATHE team this summer, and look forward to providing them with experience of health data science in action. As a Hub, we’re pleased to be part of a programme which is supporting an inclusive next generation of health data scientists, to allow us to drive better health and care for all.

Katie KissickChief Operating Officer, BREATHE

We are really looking forward to welcoming the 54 interns this summer to the exciting field of health data science. It is wonderful that so many opportunities have been created by organisations from the UK Health Data Research Alliance. I hope that for many of these interns, this will be the start of a long and successful career in health data science.

Caroline CakeCEO, HDR UK

Meet the BREATHE interns

Headshot of Maria Johnson

Maria Johnson will be based at Imperial College London

“I have a passion for science, technology and data; with this internship I hope to gain a real insight on what a data scientist does and their responsibilities. I want to see first-hand the importance of real world data and how AI technology allows us to analyse it. I plan to use this experience to motivate me to achieve my goals which is to have a career within health data science and a direct impact within the healthcare sector.”

Headshot of Safia Nasuuna

Safia Nasuuna will be based at the University of Edinburgh

"I am most looking forward to be able to network with professionals in this field and building a network for when I am a graduate."

Headshot of Wendy Jones

Wendy Jones will be based at the University of Edinburgh

"Answers to treating diseases can be identified through scientific research that is not only restricted to the lab - utilising the power of health data to transform patients' lives is the future of research which is what drew me to health data science! I am looking forward to applying the theory that I have studied throughout my degree, learning more about the role of a health data scientist and gaining valuable first-hand experience."

Headshot of Rahma Said

Rahma Said will be based at the University of Leicester

"I'm most looking forward to learning about health data research approaches and how technological and mathematical techniques can be applied."

Headshot of Wayne Matengo

Wayne Matengo will be based at the University of Leicester

"The human body is a complex system that generates tons of data every second of its existence. Through healthcare research, one can learn more about the underlying processes of this complex system, but with data science, one can tell the story behind each statistic. Ultimately, everyone has a story to tell and inside me is a natural storyteller waiting to be released to bring the ideas and imagination that can save the future generations."

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