Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society


Research themes and cross-theme research at CBSS

Research at CBSS is organised around seven key themes: 

  • Beyond Bodies
  • Beyond Data
  • Beyond Disease
  • Beyond Engagement
  • Beyond Global
  • Beyond Legal
  • Beyond Sex

The themes are focussed on key area of human and societal experience that impact on and are impacted by developments in biomedicine.

Each theme hosts researchers from across the social sciences, bioethics, law, and humanities - creating a uniquely interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research environment. Senior staff members work alongside Postdoctoral Research Fellows as well as PhD students within themes. 

Interactions between ideas, researchers, and communities across and within themes can provide a way into creating the new knowledges, methods, and partnerships that are essential if the promises of biomedicine are to be realised.

We also have research that is conducted across themes too. 

Beyond Bodies

beyond bodies
Exploring how the ‘body’ is understood and transformed through interaction between biomedicine and publics, and between humans and health-related technologies.

Beyond Data

beyond data
Examining how the development of ever more extensive and complex data practices contribute to the changing epistemic, social, ethical, legal and economic relations of biomedicine

Beyond Disease

beyond disease
Examining how new biomedical practices, including novel ways of accessing and interpreting data through data intensive research, challenge and define disease entities, diagnostic categories, treatment options and the processes of preventive, predictive and personalised care.

Beyond Engagement

Beyond Engagement
Developing new, critical understandings of the role of ‘engagements’ in relation to knowledge production.

Beyond Global

Exploring how global inequalities in power and resources affect the geographical and social distribution of health and illness and the development and implementation of health interventions.

Beyond Legal

lady justice
Exploring the multiple ways in which law and regulation intersect with health and biomedicine.

Beyond Sex

beyond sex
Focussing on and engaging with with if, how and where sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) & social justice intersect with biomedicine, health and wellbeing by paying attention to bodies, illness, technologies and mobilities.

Cross theme research

graphs and charts
We have several ongoing research projects that work across the themes