Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society

Sarah Cunningham-Burley

Professor of Medical and Family Sociology


Photo of Sarah Cunningham-Burley

Sarah Cunningham-Burley an experienced medical and family sociologist, with expertise in building and supporting collaborative work between medicine, sociology, and beyond. She is a founding Co-Director of the Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society, which continues the long-standing goals of myself and colleagues to build interdisciplinary research across the humanities and social sciences relevant to biomedicine, public health, and health care. She previously co-founded the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships, which had a policy and public-facing emphasis alongside its academic focus, and she remains committed to working with publics across all dimensions of my works. She is also Dean of Molecular, Genetic and Population Health Sciences in Edinburgh Medical School, and University lead for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.


Sarah's current research focusses on the social and ethical contexts of medical technologies, data science, engagement, health and disease using predominantly qualitative methods. For more details of Sarah's current and previous grants and publications, please click here. 


  • BMedSci/MPH, Dissertation supervisor  

  • BMedSci in Bioethics, Law and Society, Foundations of Knowledge, Course organiser