Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society

Ruby Reed-Berendt

PhD candidate in Edinburgh Law School


Photo of Ruby Reed-Berendt

Ruby Reed-Berendt is a part time-PhD student in Edinburgh Law School. Her PhD research proposes an intersectional feminist critique of mental health and capacity law in England and Wales, with a focus on issues relating to reproduction and sex, and what new insights can be delivered by analysing the law from a feminist perspective.

Ruby’s research interests include feminist bioethics, healthcare and devolution, health systems and regulation of health and social care professionals. Ruby is a Deputy Director of the Mason Institute for Life Sciences and the Law.

Ruby holds a Bachelor of Laws in Law and French Law (First Class Honours) from University College London, and a Master of Laws in Medical Law and Ethics (Distinction) from the University of Edinburgh. Ruby also holds a Diploma in French Law (Distinction) from Aix-Marseille Université.



  1. LLM, Mental Health Law, Tutor

  2. LLM, Medical Law and Ethics (online), Tutor