Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society

Matthew Cull

Interdisciplinary Research Fellow


Photo of Matthew Cull

Matthew Cull completed an undergraduate degree at the University of St Andrews, before doing a master's degree at Queen’s University Canada. Matthew finished a PhD at the University of Sheffield in 2020. After short-term posts at the University of Reading and the University of Leeds, Matthew currently works as an interdisciplinary researcher at the Centre for Biomedicine, Self, and Society. 


Matthew's research focuses on the nature of the social world, and how it might be changed for the better. Matthew draws on a number of traditions, primarily analytic and feminist philosophy, and is working on a variety of issues at the moment: 

  • Contemporary transgender politics in the UK, with an eye to the role that dispossession from healthcare plays in such conflicts. 

  • A book for Bloomsbury, What Gender Should Be, which argues for a distinctive transfeminist position on the semantics and metaphysics of gender. 

  • Political and applied philosophy of language. 

  • (Bio)ethical and metaphysical questions about pregnancy, the family and family abolition. 

Matthew also has research interests in epistemology, philosophical methodology, philosophy of race, logic, philosophy of science, history of philosophy, and the philosophy of action. 

Previous Publications


  • Fundamentals in Bioethics, Lecturer

  • Biomedicine, Ethics and Society: Contemporary Issues, Lecturer

  • Biomedical Sciences Honours Research Projects, Supervisor