Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society

Lorna Gibson

Visiting Scientist Fellow


Photo of Lorna Gibson

Lorna Gibson works as a radiologist, and she has a long-standing interest in the harms of medicine. Her PhD focused on the impacts of incidental findings in the UK Biobank Imaging Study on research participants, GPs and hospitals, work which led her to explore the harms of screening practices and to contribute to WHO guidance on ethical aspects of imaging. 

Her current interests take her beyond her previous training in epidemiology and back toward her readings around the limits to medicine. She joins CBSS to gain a grounding in critical theory, and to focus her critique on the intensification and expansion of modern medicine, the role of evidence-based medicine in the bureaucratisation of clinical practice, and the challenges facing efforts to shift practice toward sustainable, just and more humane care.  


  • The Doctor as Biocrat: Bureaucracy, Functional Stupidity and Too Much Medicine 

  • Gender balance within the Royal College of Radiologists’ Annual Scientific Meeting