Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society


Our centre members have produced a variety of public engagement and outreach materials, including podcasts and audio interviews, to disseminate our research projects and to advance participatory social science inquiry.


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The Chemical Sensitivity Podcast: In a podcast episode titled "Pregnancy & Multiple Chemical Sensitivity", our centre member Andrea Ford talks about unborn children and infants, mothers, and chemical exposure(s) during pregnancy and early life.

The Naked Scientists: In this audio interview titled "Are period tracking apps a privacy concern?," our centre member Andrea Ford discusses period tracking app and data use as forms of evidence in abortion prosecution trials in the United States.

Philosophy Casting Call: In this podcast, Élaina Gauthier-Mamaril explores what philosophy looks like now and shines a light on thinkers, topics, and themes historically marginalised in academic philosophy, including women, LGBTQIA, disabled, and BIPOC people.

Short Wave: In this podcast episode titled "When Tracking Your Period Lets Companies Track You," our centre members Andrea Ford and Giulia De Togni explore period-tracking smart apps, third-party advertising, and surveillance capitalism.

The Wrap Chats: This podcast series, hosted by The Wrap (a project between The Love Tank and centre member Ingrid Young) explores queer community strategies of care and resilience in response to ongoing, emerging and exacerbated health inequalities in the context of COVID-19 in the UK.


Digital Intimacies: In this podcast, our centre member Ingrid Young discusses with Jamie Hakim (KCL) their collaborative project: ‘Digital Intimacies: how gay and bisexual men use their smartphones to negotiate their cultures of intimacy’.

Hormones: The Inside Story: In a podcast episode titled "Menopause vs. 'Manopause'", our centre member Andrea Ford, Annice Mukherjee and Channa Jayasena, explores the impact of sex hormone changes on our health as we age.