Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society


The UK’s national festival of the humanities, November 2019

Our Beyond Bodies events in the Being Human Festival engage with how diverse, multiple and ‘normative’ bodies are imagined and situated in health, biomedicine and biotechnological developments. Based on an interdisciplinary programme of medical humanities research, we seek to explore how biomedical and biotechnological developments are shaped by and shape how we understand and engage with the idea of the body, and to consider the ethical, cultural, social and legal implications of these developments. 



Your Robot Doctor Will See You Now

image of a robot doctor
14 Nov: Explore how artificial intelligence is shaping the future of healthcare

Haunting Our Bodies

graphic with event details
18 Nov: Graphic-novel workshop

Transplants & HIV on Screen

film poster for All About My Mother
20 Nov: Film screening of All About My Mother

Bedtime Stories for the Brain

graphic depicting someone trying to write a story
21 Nov: Write a bed-time story for your brain

Makin' Babies and the Law

image of a zine
23 Nov: Zine-making workshop