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How to collaborate in a pandemic?

Image showing Donna and Ingrid in collaboration
When Transplant Imaginaries visits the Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society

Covid-19 Round-up May 2020

Our work and commentary relating to coronavirus

Ethics Group of the German Public Health Covid-19 Network

Animation of a cell that is red and grey -  © MediaProduction via Getty Images
Dr. Agomoni Ganguli-Mitra, a member of this group, shares their first policy brief

Is the coronavirus pandemic worse for women?

Image showing men and women across the globe
Dr Agomoni Ganguli Mitra talks about how pandemics increase existing inequalities in societies

Social justice should be key to pandemic planning and response

images of empty food shelves during covid-19
Dr Agomoni Ganguli Mitra explains why social justice should be at the core of medical and public health responses.

Covid-19 Update March 2020

Image of a child indoors looking out her window
Our involvement and links to other information and resources.

Legal Determinants of Global Health: necessary but not sufficient?

Image from event showing panel discussion
Nayha Sethi, Marlee Tichenor and Mark Hellowell reflect on whether the law can improve global health

How Does a Health System Learn?

image with text asking how does a health system learn
Dr Catherine Montgomery reports on an interdisciplinary meeting hosted by CBSS

Period Tracking Apps: Something Old, Something New

calendar image
Andrea Ford discusses the implications of these apps

Comparing Healthcare Systems - A View from Japan

Mt.Fuji and pink moss phlox
Visiting anthropologist Daiki Ayuha from the University of Tokyo reflects on his time at the Centre

What Would All-Male Sex Ed Look Like for Queer Boys?

graphic showing heart lightbox in rainbow colours
What must be transformed to include gay, trans and non-reproductive sexual health in education workshops?

Hospitals of the future

child drawing of a robot nurse
We asked people at the Edinburgh International Science Festival what they thought hospitals would be like in the future and they came up with some fantastic ideas.

Robot nurses, flying beds and healing potions

families interacting with our display
These are some of the ideas children came up with when we asked them what hospitals might look like in the future.

Healthy & Sustainable Futures Exhibition

Image of plastic exhibit
The Global Health Governance Programme, led by Professor Devi Sridhar, have this week put on a fantastic exhibition encouraging visitors to think about how we can create a healthy and sustainable future. Not an easy task, but unquestionably a worthwhile one.

PrEP and Women in Scotland Roundtable: A Community Report

graphic showing areas of HIV literacy
Dr Ingrid Young highlights the need for HIV prevention to be available to all

On being, unquestionably, a woman: the threshold of femaleness and Caster Semenya at the Court of Arbitration for Sport

Dr Sonja Erikainen discusses how testosterone regulations in athletics put a glass ceiling over women’s performance levels using disputed scientific evidence.

Politics of Love

Dr Rebecca Hewer explores issues surrounding love, self and society.

Book Launch of Mapping AIDS: Visual Histories of an Enduring Epidemic

On the 6th December 2018, the Centre will host a book launch for Chancellor Fellow Dr Lukas Engelmann to celebrate the publication of Mapping AIDS: Visual Histories of an Enduring Epidemic. 

Looking at AIDS History

Lukas Engelmann, University of Edinburgh, introduces his new book Mapping AIDS

Genome-edited babies

The Centre responds to news that on 26 November 2018 a Chinese scientist claimed that the first genome-edited babies had been born, created using gene-altering technology to prevent HIV infection.