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2020 Showcase Film

Image of Giulia de Togni performing at the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas
Meet us and find out more about our work

The CLAP Study: Summary of Findings

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Caring, Learning and Pandemic response during COVID-19: NHS Staff Experience of Working in Critical Care

Covid-19 Update Oct 2020

Our latest work relating to the pandemic

Addiction and Disease Problematisation

Doctor holding glass globe
A Beyond Global Perspective

Anthropology of Hormones

graphic of the endocrine system
Lisa Raeder, Andrea Ford, Roslyn Malcolm and Sonja Erikainen reflect on a recent workshop

Covid-19 Update July 2020

House with stay safe message - Caymia via Getty Images
Latest work and commentary relating to covid-19

Why the public need a say in how patient data are used for Covid-19 responses

Festival highlights issues shaping society
Letter in the International Journal of Population Data Science

Delivering Good Governance in Data Sharing

What makes good governance of data sharing for biomedical research?

Covid-19 round-up June 2020

rainbow painting in window
Latest work and commentary relating to coronavirus

How to collaborate in a pandemic?

Image showing Donna and Ingrid in collaboration
When Transplant Imaginaries visits the Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society

Covid-19 Round-up May 2020

Our work and commentary relating to coronavirus

Ethics Group of the German Public Health Covid-19 Network

Animation of a cell that is red and grey -  © MediaProduction via Getty Images
Dr. Agomoni Ganguli-Mitra, a member of this group, shares their first policy brief

Is the coronavirus pandemic worse for women?

Image showing men and women across the globe
Dr Agomoni Ganguli Mitra talks about how pandemics increase existing inequalities in societies

Social justice should be key to pandemic planning and response

images of empty food shelves during covid-19
Dr Agomoni Ganguli Mitra explains why social justice should be at the core of medical and public health responses.

Covid-19 Update March 2020

Image of a child indoors looking out her window
Our involvement and links to other information and resources.

Legal Determinants of Global Health: necessary but not sufficient?

Image from event showing panel discussion
Nayha Sethi, Marlee Tichenor and Mark Hellowell reflect on whether the law can improve global health

How Does a Health System Learn?

image with text asking how does a health system learn
Dr Catherine Montgomery reports on an interdisciplinary meeting hosted by CBSS

Period Tracking Apps: Something Old, Something New

calendar image
Andrea Ford discusses the implications of these apps

Comparing Healthcare Systems - A View from Japan

Mt.Fuji and pink moss phlox
Visiting anthropologist Daiki Ayuha from the University of Tokyo reflects on his time at the Centre