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Careful Waves

Andrea Ford recounts her time at the Tiree Tech Wave in western Scotland

The bioethical implications of going ‘smokefree’

No smoking sign on the London Underground
Several countries are introducing prohibitionist policies to reduce smoking - but what does bioethics tell us about the efficacy, safety, or fairness of these policies, by Francisco Blancarte Jaber

Consent, payment, and care: how doulas challenge social structures 

Newborn baby's hand being held by an adult
A discussion of how doulas shape the experiences of people giving birth - and challenge social norms in the process, by Andrea Ford

What even is Bioethics?

Emma Nance
Emma Nance reflects on her first year of the One Health Models of Disease PhD

UK Blood Donation and Homonationalism

A discussion of the end of the 'gay blood ban' by NHS England and why it risks further marginalising Black and immigrant would-be donors, by Chase Ledin

Crowdfunding Healthcare in Shetland: Maakin the NHS

A reflection on how a Shetland community are using traditional knitting to crowdfund an MRI scanner, by Ellen Stewart

Why Covid-19 shows governments should work closer with experts in the social aspects of biomedicine

COVID-19 shows how governments need to work more closely with experts in the social aspects of biomedicine by Martyn Pickersgill, Associate Director of CBSS

The hidden LGBT+ history of the Edinburgh Medical School

Learn about two stories of LGBT+ history from the Edinburgh Medical School to celebrate Pride Month

Welcome to the CBSS blog

image of a conference call
An introduction to our new blog by Sophie Butcher, Communications and Social Media Intern at CBSS