Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society

About Us

Our vision, mission, and aims


To generate transformative knowledge of contemporary biomedicine and healthcare through a wide range of research in the social sciences and health humanities 


We research the complex social, cultural, ethical, legal, and technological landscape that characterises contemporary biomedicine and healthcare, using critical perspectives from across the social studies of science and medicine, bioethics, and the health humanities 


Our Aims:

  • Support established and emerging research leaders in the social sciences of medicine and health humanities 

  • Develop innovative approaches to collaboration, stakeholder and public engagement related to biomedical practice, ethics, regulation and policy 

  • Generate rapid, insightful, and practicable analyses of current and emerging concerns in biomedicine and health 

  • Host visiting fellowships for scientists, clinicians and creative practitioners wishing to pursue collaborative social scientific, humanities and arts-driven research in an interdisciplinary environment 

  • Engage local and national communities in thoughtful conversations about transformations in healthcare, biomedicine, and the social sciences and humanities 



Our centre is supported by Wellcome and the University of Edinburgh. We work closely with the other social science and humanities centres funded by Wellcome: