Behavioural Research UK (BR-UK)

Our Research

An overview of our research activities.

We are undertaking research that will allow us to chart a 10-year trajectory that propels UK behavioural research to the forefront globally. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that both organizations and communities have access to the expertise needed to design and implement evidence-based programs that drive meaningful behaviour change to tackle societal challenges.

Click the links below to learn more about our research which is focused around four Work Packages (WPs) and Themes (T). Work Packages are about HOW we will do things, and our Themes are about WHAT we will focus on.  

We are  conducting a number of key 'demonstration projects' to show how the team can work together to use existing data and speed up the application of models and frameworks to provide rapid results. Topics include how behavioural advice was used during the Covid-19 pandemic, how we address some current issues like speeding on our roads, how to combine large amounts of data more efficiently and how well public support for different policies to help tackle climate change can be transferred between countries.

Additionally we are undertaking a capability scoping study which aims to better understand the current landscape of behavioural research in the UK. It will pinpoint existing strengths, identify gaps including in areas where scientific and stakeholder needs remain unmet, and highlight opportunities for significant advancements. It will help establish a UK-wide network for behavioural research.

BR-UK Demonstration Projects

We are undertaking a number of Demonstration Projects (DP) which focus on how we use existing and expanded frameworks and data to generate rapid new findings whilst working with partners.

BR-UK Themes

Out themes are initial areas of focus identified as areas of particular interest and will be revised following completion of our capability scoping and demonstration projects. 

BR-UK Work Packages

Our four Work Packages outline how we plan to undertake our research. 

Open Science

Learn why open science practices are important to BR-UK and the benefits it can bring for all researchers.