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Using ontologies to advance behavioural research - 21st June

Join us at 12pm to hear our speakers Dr Harriet Baird, Professor Thomas Webb, Professor Susan MichieProfessor Robert West , Dr Janna Hastings and Dr Suvodeep Mazumdar lead BR-UK's June webinar on using ontologies in behavioural sciences. 


The past decade has seen a revolution in the volume and complexity of data created in the behavioural sciences. Ontologies facilitate the accumulation of knowledge by providing a standardised method for specifying concepts within a topic, using a shared language. They precisely specify the properties of these concepts and the relationships between them. By doing this, ontologies can enhance the organisation and retrieval of research evidence and provide a framework for aggregating data both within and across disciplines and topic domains. Because every defined concept and relationship has a unique ID, computer-based technologies and tools in artificial intelligence can be more easily harnessed for behavioural and social research.  Thus, ontologies enable efficient and effective data integration and analysis, evidence synthesis and outcome prediction to provide robust answers to complex societal challenges. In this webinar we will describe what ontologies are and provide examples of how ontologies are being developed and used to accelerate research in the behavioural sciences. We will also demonstrate tools and ways in which we can all leverage the benefits of ontologies in our own work. 

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