Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research

Centre Student Representation for 2023

Kathryn Ferris is the new Student Representative for the Centre for 2023, with Andreas Perikleous continuing as Deputy

Kathryn Ferris and Andreas Perikleous are the new student reps for the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research for 2023
Student Representatives for 2023: Dr Kathryn Ferris and Andreas Perikleous

Our new Student Representatives for 2023 have been announced!

Congratulations to Dr Kathryn Ferris, a 2nd year PhD student based at Queen’s University, Belfast, who has recently been appointed as Centre Student Representative. Andreas Perikleous, a 3rd year PhD student based at Imperial College London, continues the role of Deputy Student Representative.

The role of our Student Representatives

Our current PhD and MD students form a vibrant and active group from various specialist areas. There are students and affiliate students from institutions across the four UK nations. As Student Representative, Kathryn will play a key role in bringing together our cohort.

During her time as Student Representative, Kathryn will gain insight into the running of the Centre and will represent the student voice at Centre Management Committee meetings. Andreas Perikleous will be deputy to Kathryn, supporting her in her role and stepping in when required.

Our new Student Reps

Dr Kathryn Ferris

Already a practicing paediatric doctor, for her PhD studies Kathryn’s project has been exploring ways children and young people can be better trained in the basics of asthma care and be better able to apply self-management at the earliest stage possible. Part of her study is comparing a novel augmented teaching method (Video directly observed therapy (v-DOT)) with standard training in achieving and sustaining mastery of inhaler and nasal spray technique and the understanding of a personalised asthma action plan (PAAP). 

Find out about Kathryn’s PhD project

Andreas Perikleous

Andreas Perikleous is in his third year as a PhD student in the Centre and is investigating whether biomarkers (e.g. white blood cells in blood samples, levels of nitric oxide in the breath, and skin prick tests) can identify if inhaled corticosteroids should be used to treat preschool children’s wheeze.

Find out about Andreas’ PhD project

Thank you Imogen!

Many thanks to Imogen Skene, Centre Student Representative 2022 for her hard work over the previous year!