Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research

Centre launches #RespiratoryResearchMatters campaign

Help us spread awareness of the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research and its evidence generation, highlighting the need for further investment into respiratory health research.


Asthma attacks continue to be common in the UK, and lung diseases are the third biggest killer in the country. Despite this, research and innovation into respiratory health is chronically underfunded. Since 2014, the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research, funded by a grant from Asthma UK, has been conducting research and generating evidence for people with asthma, their healthcare providers and policymakers.

We’re highlighting the powerful evidence generated within the Centre and calling for further investment into research and innovation for respiratory health with our campaign: #RespiratoryResearchMatters

Our series of videos highlights some of the key areas of research happening in the Centre and explains why we are calling for increased funding:

  • Better understanding of asthma and other respiratory diseases can help us more accurately diagnose and treat it, driving improvements in asthma outcomes in the UK.
  • How data in respiratory health is helping us inform policy
  • How poverty and inequalities can manifest as respiratory disease in children and adults
  • How patient-centred digital technology could support people with asthma
  • How air pollution disproportionally affects people with chronic diseases

How you can help us

Throughout November, December and January, share our posts on Twitter and LinkedIn, and use the hashtag: #RespiratoryResearchMatters to join the conversation.

If your organisation wishes to take part in the campaign, please download the Communications Pack linked below.


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