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Identifying who is most at risk of contracting COVID-19 and why some people become more ill than others

The COVIDENCE UK research study has been developed in response to the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Participants in the study will be asked to complete an online questionnaire with details about their lifestyle and health. They will then be contacted every month to check if they have developed any symptoms of coronavirus disease, and to ask some follow-up questions about participants’ more general health and social circumstances.

The data collected will be analysed in order to:

  1. advance understanding of risk factors for coronavirus disease among UK adults
  2. find out how quickly people recover from coronavirus disease and whether there are any long-term complications of this illness
  3. evaluate the impact of coronavirus disease on the physical, mental and economic wellbeing of the UK population
  4. establish a platform for future research on coronavirus disease in the UK


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Key People

Adrian Martineau | Professor of Respiratory Infection and Immunity | Queen Mary University, London

Gerome Breen | Professor of Psychiatric Genetics | King’s College London

Hayley Holt | Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research PhD student | Queen Mary University, London

Chris Griffiths | Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research Director | Queen Mary University, London

Aziz Sheikh | Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research Director | University of Edinburgh

Ronan Lyons | Professor of Public Health | Swansea University

Frank Kee | Professor and Director of the Centre for Public Health | Queens University Belfast

Seif Shaheen | Professor of Respiratory Epidemiology | Queen Mary University of London

Gwyneth Davies | Lead: Postgraduate Training and Professor of Respiratory Medicine | Swansea University

David McCoy | Professor of Global Public Health | Queen Mary University, London

Alec Miners | Associate Professor of Health Economics | London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

David Jolliffe | Early Career Researcher | Queen Mary University, London

Clare Relton | Senior Lecturer | Queen Mary University, London

Katie Young | Lecturer | King’s College London

Sarah Finer | Clinical Senior Lecturer | Queen Mary University, London

Stamatina Iliodromiti | Director of the Centre for Women’s Health | Queen Mary University, London

Molly Davies | Research Assistant | King’s College London

Katie Thompson | Research Assistant | King’s College London


The COVIDENCE UK study launched May 1st 2020 and will operate for 5 years. Recruitment remains open to new participants.

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Funding (or other acknowledgements)

Barts Charity, Health Data Research UK