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Our work in applied asthma research

Our research addresses head-on the central challenge of asthma applied health research — preventing asthma attacks and asthma deaths. It focuses on developing, testing and implementing interventions which have the potential to achieve substantial, sustained reductions in asthma morbidity and mortality.

Preventing and Managing asthma attacks

We have two key themes. The first focuses on preventing asthma attacks. The second acknowledges the reality that some asthma attacks will continue to occur and works to optimise management to reduce hospitalisation, readmission and deaths.

Within these two themes we consider the following topics to be key to success:

  1. supported self-management
  2. personalised treatments
  3. diagnosis and clinical management
  4. identifying those at risk of attacks
  5. controlling risk factors
  6. improved adherence.

Key Research Projects

Read about some of the current and recent research projects from the Centre


Research outputs from members of the Centre, and other relevant publications

Theme Leads

Chris Griffiths

Chris Griffiths

Headshot of Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

Lead: Preventing asthma attacks Lead: Preventing asthma attacks
Based at: Queen Mary University London Based at: University of East Anglia
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headshot of Andy Bush

Andy Bush

headshot of Hilary Pinnock

Hilary Pinnock

Lead: Optimising management of asthma attacks Lead: Optimising management of asthma attacks
Based at: Imperial College London Based at: University of Edinburgh
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Research topics

Read on for more information about each of our key research theme topics. We will bring work from across these topics together to achieve our vision.