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Hayley Holt

Project: Longitudinal population-based observational study of coronavirus disease in the UK population

PhD overview

PhD Title: Longitudinal population-based observational study of coronavirus disease in the UK population

Funded by: Barts Charity

Supervisors: Professor Adrian Martineau, Professor Christopher Griffiths, Professor Seif Shaheen, Professor Aziz Sheikh

Based at: Queen Mary University of London


Headshot of Hayley Holt
Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research PhD student Hayley Holt

The COVIDENCE UK Research Study has been developed in response to the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). We are asking people aged 16 years or older, from all parts of the UK and from all walks of life, to sign up and fill in an online questionnaire with details about their lifestyle and health.

Participants will then be contacted every month to check if they have developed any symptoms of coronavirus disease, and to ask some follow-up questions about participants' more general health and social circumstances.

The data we collect will be analysed in order to:

  • advance understanding of risk factors for coronavirus disease among UK adults
  • find out how quickly people recover from coronavirus disease and whether there are any long-term complications of this illness
  • evaluate the impact of coronavirus disease on the physical, mental and economic wellbeing of the UK population
  • establish a platform for future research on coronavirus disease in the UK.

To date, we have over 18,900 participants across the UK and have been featured in BBC News, Daily Express, The Mirror, The Lancet, The BMJ and more. To find out more information please visit our website and YouTube page for updates on our progress:

Covidence UK website (external website) 

About me

I have previously completed my B.S. in Biology at Kansas State University in the USA, followed by an MSc in Reproductive and Developmental Biology at Imperial College London. I have an interest in applied research and translational medicine.


Research Activity

  • British Thoracic Society Winter Meeting 2021 spoken presentation: Risk factors for symptom-defined COVID-19: a population-based longitudinal study (COVIDENCE UK)

COVIDENCE UK Research Project webpage

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