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Bohee Lee

Project: Responsiveness to oral corticosteroids in recurrent wheeze of early childhood

PhD overview

PhD Title: Responsiveness to oral corticosteroids in recurrent wheeze of early childhood

Funded by: University of Edinburgh

Supervisors: Professor Steve Cunningham, Professor Steff Lewis, Professor Steve Turner, Jess Rees

Based at: University of Edinburgh


Headshot of Bohee Lee
Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research PhD student Bohee Lee

Wheezing is mainly caused by asthma in childhood and around one-third of pre-schoolers experience at least one wheezing episode in childhood. Recurrent wheezing is the most common clinical disorder amongst infants and pre-school aged children. Wheezing can last instantly but many children are suffering from recurrent wheezing throughout their childhood. Therefore, it is not deniable that this disorder causes a substantial impact on the affected children’s quality of life and their parent as well as a whole society. 

Oral corticosteroids (OCS) is generally used to relieve wheezing in young children. Many studies in older children have proved positive results in terms of medication burden and hospitalisation. However, studies for responsiveness on OCS in young children have shown inconsistent results. Regarding the early prediction of responsiveness on OCS, some algorithms have been proposed, but there is a need for developing algorithms reducing great heterogeneity of mechanisms, reflecting multiple risk factors and increasing reliability with enough confidence.

About me

I have completed MSc Clinical Pharmacy at Dankook University in South Korea and MPH at University of Edinburgh. My research interests lie in the management of asthma or recurrent wheezing including issues around responsiveness to a medicine in a certain age group and use of the medicine.


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Research Activity

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