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Md. Nazim Uzzaman

Project: Exploring the delivery of online asthma reviews as an option in primary care from the perspective of the patient, the healthcare professional and the organisation: a mixed-methods study nested in the IMP2ART programme of work

PhD overview

PhD Title: Exploring the delivery of online asthma reviews as an option in primary care from the perspective of the patient, the healthcare professional and the organisation: a mixed-methods study nested in the IMP2ART programme of work

Funded by: Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research and the University of Edinburgh

Supervisors: Professor Hilary Pinnock, Dr Vicky Hammersley, Dr Kirstie McClatchey, Dr Jessica Sheringham

Based at: University of Edinburgh


Nazim Uzzaman
Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research PhD student, Nazim Uzzaman

Asthma reviews have many functions including addressing the patient’s concerns and questions; assessing control and reviewing medication; and supporting self-management. Supported self-management of asthma, which includes the provision of a written asthma action plan and regular medical review, helps people adjust their treatment in response to changes in symptoms, and studies have shown that it improves day-to-day control and reduces the need for healthcare services. Despite having recommended guidelines for supported self-management for over 30 years, unfortunately, less than a third of people attend a general practice for routine review and have an asthma action plan. Among others, practical barriers to attending face-to-face consultations might limit regular asthma reviews. Remote consultations have increasingly been used around the world as a way to manage the rising number of people with long-term health conditions, reduce the burden on emergency and inpatient services, and improve health outcomes. Moreover, the need for infection control during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a change in the organisation of primary care, including a move to remote consulting, has particular resonance.

Despite policy drives to technological innovation and promotion by patient organisations, it is not clear how asthma reviews can be delivered in remote – or more specifically online consultations. Online asthma reviews, as an option in primary care, are likely to be convenient, but little is known about how these online reviews are being used, if/how they are acceptable and useful to patients, and if they are perceived as effective and safe by the healthcare professionals. Using mixed methods, this PhD will explore the use of online asthma reviews (in the context of multiple modes of consulting) from the perspective of patients, health care professionals and key stakeholders, develop processes for safe use of online reviews and test their feasibility in routine primary care.

About me

My interest lies in developing a clinical academic career in respiratory applied health research and contributing to reducing the burden of chronic respiratory illness, specifically asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

I completed my MBBS in 2010 and attained an Master of Public Health degree thereafter. I was a Research Fellow in the NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Respiratory Health (RESPIRE) at the University of Edinburgh. Besides providing patient care, I have previous research experience examining the issues of delivering pulmonary rehabilitation in low-resource settings for people with chronic respiratory diseases, as well as blended learning and e-health.

Research outputs


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The IMP2ART Programme

This PhD is part of the IMP2ART programme: IMPlementing IMProved Asthma self-management as RouTine. Find out more about the programme.