Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine

Dr Chris McKenzie

Chris is the Deputy Programme Director of the MSc in Clinical Management of Pain he is based in the Chancellor's Building.

Dr Chris McKenzie

Deputy Programme Director

  • Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine
  • Division of Health Science
  • Deanery of Clinical Sciences

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Prior to the role of Programme Director, Dr McKenzie has held positions as a researcher in pharmacology and as a lecturer in pharmaceutical biotechnology/biological sciences. As a lecturer, his duties were divided equally between traditional forms of teaching and the development of MSc programmes for online delivery. He is also a sufferer of cluster headaches, and for this very personal reason, proposed the programme to the University of Edinburgh. By employing his experience of delivering online education, coupled to the expertise of the editorial team in the field of headache medicine, it is his hope that the programme will produce graduates more than capable of helping those whose lives are tormented by headache.