Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine

Dr Gordon B Drummond

Gordon is a retired Senior Lecturer who continues to do research in an Honorary position.

Dr Gordon Drummond

Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer

  • Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine
  • Division of Health Sciences
  • Deanery of Clinical Sciences

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Edinburgh Royal Infirmary
51 Little France Crescent

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EH16 4SA


Gordon Drummond trained in Cambridge and Edinburgh, and spent a short time in respiratory medicine before moving to anaesthesia. He spent a year learning classical respiratory physiology in Montreal. He was appointed a full time Senior Lecturer in 1995 and was very involved in the teaching and training of medical students and trainee anaesthetists. He spent a sabbatical year in Paris, researching chest wall movements, which formed the material for his MD.


His main interests were the effects of anaesthetics and surgery on breathing, mostly studies in postoperative patients. He used classical techniques, measuring pressure, flow and EMG; ventilatory responses to chemicals, pain, and sedation. He also used novel systems such as structured light, and now uses wireless orientation sensors, to study chest wall movements.


He served as an editor of the British Journal of Anaesthesia and then as an editor of the Journal of Physiology. He has always enjoyed collaborative research and has worked with respiratory physicians, engineers, medical physics, pharmacologists, physiologists, and gynaecologists, and now collaborates with the Centre for Speckled Computing.


Gordon retired in 2010 but continues to be involved in research, and seems to have no spare time at all. He knows very little about genes or southern blots. His recent fields of interest are the pulse plethysmograph, and measuring breathing movements using wireless sensors. He also wrote a series of simple articles to explain common statistical methods.

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