Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine

Dr Claire Kydonaki

Claire is a Research Co-ordinator in the Edinburgh Critical Care Research Group.

Dr Claire Kydonaki

Research Coordinator

  • Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine
  • Division of Health Sciences
  • Deanery of Clinical Sciences

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As a graduate from the School of Nursing at the University of Athens in Greece, my critical care career started ten years ago in Intensive Care and Cardiothoracic HDU in Greece. Gaining more clinical experience in a culturally different health care system, such as in Scotland, sounded challenging. In 2003, I moved to Scotland to undertake an MSc in Nursing at Napier University in Edinburgh. My thesis looked at ‘Greek nurses’ perceptions about the Barriers to, and the Facilitators of Research Utilization at the Intensive Care Unit’, which I passed with distinction.

During that time, I continued my clinical experience as a critical care nurse at the Western General Hospital, in Intensive Care, a post I held until 2012. The difference on care delivery between my country and Scotland generated inquiries about aspects of care that I decided to investigate by conducting doctoral research.

I embarked on my PhD in 2006 at the University of Edinburgh. Having a personal interest over mechanical ventilation and weaning I focused my study into the ‘Decision-making processes of weaning from mechanical ventilation. A comparative ethnographic insight into the dynamics of the decision-making environment’.

Parallel to my PhD studies, I continued my clinical duties and I also became a member of the Scottish Critical Care Interdisciplinary Research and Liaison (SCCIRL) group. I was involved in the planning and development of two Knowledge Transfer projects. I was also involved in organising an interdisciplinary international research summer school for early career researchers, which provided a valuable experience in working with multidisciplinary teams towards the development of research ideas.


My research interests are around quality improvement of service delivery and the translation of research findings into high quality delivery of care. I am also interested in clinical decision-making and its implementation in clinical practice in order to minimize error and improve care delivery. Weaning from mechanical ventilation in particular for long-term ventilated patient and meeting the needs of this patient cohort is my research passion.

Currently, I am involved in a multicentre quality improvement trial on sedation management in ICU. I am also involved in a feasibility study to assess the use of Speck technology in the accurate and quick monitoring of respiratory rate in post-operative patients.