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The Critical Care Team Receive Impact Award for Work Around Survivorship After Critical Illness

Over a 10 year period the Critical Care research team have explored the care ICU patients receive in the ICU ward all the way through to the care given within the family setting and how that care impacts recovery.



One aspect of the team’s research looked at how patients and family members experience the care received within ICU using tools such as critical dare diaries. Diaries can be used to record care experiences and enable patient and family member’s reflection upon those experiences during recovery. The research also extended into the general wards in the form of physical and psychological rehabilitation.

A website has been developed, based on the team’s extensive research, for patients to use to better manage their recovery after critical illness. 


Corrienne McCulloch, Pam Ramsay, Claire Kydonaki and Lisa Salisbury give a thumbs up
Dr Corrienne McCulloch, Dr Pam Ramsay, Dr Claire Kydonaki & Dr Lisa Salisbury




Critical Care Recorvery

The Office of the Chief Nurse in Scotland presented the team with the Nursing, Midwife and Allied Health Professional Impact Award November 2017.