Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine

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A series of videos in which our Researchers present studies they are involved in.

Acute Care Edinburgh Lecture videos

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The Critical Care Team Receive Impact Award for Work Around Survivorship After Critical Illness

Corrienne McCulloch, Pam Ramsay,  Claire Kydonaki and Lisa Salisbury give a thumbs up
Over a 10 year period the Critical Care research team have explored the care ICU patients receive in the ICU ward all the way through to the care given within the family setting and how that care impacts recovery.

Professor Lesley Colvin Translational pain research

photo Professor Lesley Colvin
Translational pain research attempts to join up basic laboratory science with direct applications in clinic in order to improve patient care. There are a number of research questions that Professor Lesley Colvin is interesting in answering, they include, pain assessment, the use and impact of strong drugs for chronic long-term pain and pain caused through cancer treatment methods.

The effect of day of the week on short- and long-term mortality for emergency general surgery.

The effect of day of the week on outcome after surgery is the subject of debate. The aim was to determine whether day of the week of emergency general surgery alters short- and long-term mortality.

Dr Mike Gilles Epidemiological Study

Dr Mike Gillies
Perioperative medicine is an emerging field that focuses on improving outcomes for patients after surgery. The majority of the 10 million patients who undergo surgery in the NHS each year do so without complications, however as surgery is offered to older and sicker patients there is a growing group of higher risk patients who have multiple medical conditions and are more vulnerable to complications after surgery.

Dr Kenny Baillie Genomics of severe flu

Dr Kenneth Baillie in ICU ward Edinburgh Royal Infirmary
Dr Kenneth Baillie is a Welcome Trust intermediate clinical fellow at the Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh and a consultant in intensive care medicine. Dr Baillie discusses research he is doing into the genetics of susceptibility to critical illness.

Professor Tim Walsh PROFILE study

Professor Tim Walsh photo
We have recently completed a study funded by the Chief Scientist’s Office which aimed to provide new information about the reasons patients who have survived a severe illness that required admission to intensive care have very high unplanned hospital readmission rates after going home. We would like to invite you to a knowledge exchange event at which we will share our findings and seek your advice about implementing them in to health and social care in Scotland.

Professor Tim Walsh DESIST trial

ICU staff discuss patient notes in the ward
Professor Tim Walsh discusses findings from The DESIST trial (Development and evaluation of strategies to improve sedation quality in intensive care).

Professor Tim Walsh The ABLE Trial

Professor Tim Walsh
Chief Investigator Professor Tim Walsh discusses the ABLE Trial at the Critical Care Reviews Meeting 2016 held in the Titanic Centre, Belfast.

Dr Annemarie Docherty BMJ abstract

picture of Dr Annemarie Docherty
Our systematic review shows that there is an increased risk of acute coronary syndrome with a restrictive blood transfusion threshold in patients with co-existing cardiovascular disease. We therefore recommend the use of a more liberal transfusion trigger of at least 80g/l for patients with both acute and chronic cardiovascular disease.

Professor Peter Andrew Eurotherm3235 Trial

photograph of Professor Peter Andrews
The Eurotherm3235Trial is an international, multi-centre, randomised controlled trial which will examine the effects of titrated therapeutic hypothermia (32-35°C) as a treatment for raised intracranial pressure after traumatic brain injury.

Intercalated Honours in Anaesthesia

photograph of Dr David Griffith
Dr David Griffith provides an introduction to the Intercalated Honours Programme in Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine.

European Society of Intensive Care Medicine

Professor Tim Walsh
Professor Tim Walsh discusses findings from The DESIST trial (Development and Evaluation of Strategies to Improve Sedation Quality in Intensive Care).