Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine

Edinburgh Critical Care Research Intrigues Visitors At Celebrate Science, 2016.

Edinburgh Critical Care Research Group (ECCRG) in collaboration with Durham University shared their research with thousands of festival visitors at the 'Celebrate Science’ event at Palace Green, the heart of Durham's World Heritage Site.

Visitors enjoyed lots of interactive fun with our brilliant and exciting 'find the bugs & help the ICU patient!’ game. Researchers took the opportunity to talk to families about the different medical trails that take place in ECCRG and how research nurses and doctors use these trails to improve care for patients.

Many interesting conversations took place between researchers and visitors over the three day event and there was a real enthusiasm and appreciation for communicating our research in this way.

Demonstator at Science Festival explains to child how lungs work
Sohan with an interested participant


It is very important to know that patients can be helped by these types of trials, I didn’t know too much about them and I am glad I talked to the researchers involved and know more now

Amy (age 47)

I really liked helping the patient in the game and finding out that bugs made him sick and how to find the bugs in the lung – I found 2 bugs so I will give him the right medicine now

Tom (age 6)

I would like to know how I can help this research team, I have a lung condition and if I can help in their trial in any way I would like to do that

Sarah (age 65)

Dr Paula Martin (Science Outreach Officer- Durham University) was delighted with how well ECCRG’s research was received and has invited the group to work with her again at the Durham University Schools’ Science Festival, Spring 2017.


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