Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine

FUSIC Lung, abdomen and DVT ultrasound

Tuesday 15th June 2021 (Cancelled)

Course Organiser: Dr R Baruah

This course is aimed at trainees, consultants and advanced practitioners in intensive care, acute and emergency medicine.

Catering: Plant based where possible


Programme (Provisional)

Time Codes in parentheses refer to RCoA CPD Matrix
08:45 Registration and coffee
09:00 Introduction - FUSIC syllabus and accreditation
09:10 LECTURE: Physics and knobology (1A03, 1F03, 3C00)
09:30 LECTURE: Lung US – introduction and lung US for PTX (1A03, 2C01, 2C04, 3C00)
09:50 LECTURE: Alveolar interstitial syndrome
10:00 Coffee
10:20 SCANNING: Lung US -Pleural line (1A03, 2C01, 2C04, 3C00)
11:00 LECTURE: Pleural effusion (1A03,  2C01, 2C04, 3C00)
11:20 LECTURE: Consolidation and atelectasis
11:40 SCANNING: Lung bases (1A03, 2C01, 2C04, 3C00)
12:20 Lunch
13:00 LECTURE: Abdominal US (1A03, 2CO1, 2CO4, 3C00)
13:20 SCANNING: abdominal US (1A03, 2C01, 2C04, 3C00)
14:00 LECTURE: DVT (1A03, 2C01, 2D03, 2C04, 3C00)
14:20 Coffee followed by carousel – to rotate round every 30 minutes
14:40 SCANNING: DVT (1A03, 2C01, 2C04, 3C00)

CLIPS: Case history and clips exam (1A03, 2C01, 2D03, 2C04, 3C00)

15:40 SCANNING: The CUSIC scan (1A03, 2C01, 2D03, 2C04, 3C00)
16:20 Wrap up, final questions and feedback
16:30 Close


ePay Facilities

FUSIC Lung, abdomen and DVT ultrasound Course fees: Consultant £250/non-consultant £220

Cost for attending both FUSIC Lung, abdomen and DVT ultrasound and FUSIC Heart: Consultant £450/non consultant £400


For more information please contact Course Administrator: Dawn Campbell

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Jun 15 2021 -

FUSIC Lung, abdomen and DVT ultrasound

Course intended for Trainees and consultants in Anaesthesia, Intensive Care, Acute and Emergency Medicine. Cancelled until further notice.

Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh
9 Queen Street