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Meet the Team: Workpackage Six

Workpackage Lead - Jacques Fleuriot

Jacques Fleuriot headshot

Jacques Fleuriot is the Director of the Artificial Intelligence and its Application in the School of Informatics. His research focuses on AI modelling, which spans areas such as formal verification, process modelling, and explainable AI in healthcare and other complex domains.  

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Workpackage Lead - Tughrul Arslan 

Tughrul Arslan

Tughrul Arslan is a professor in the School of Engineering. His research focuses on the development of intelligent power efficient sensing systems that are non-contact, portable, and/or wearable for a range of medical conditions. He has authored over 500 refereed articles and 25 patents, most of which have been licensed/sold to spinout or tier1 companies.

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Academic Lead - Robert B Fisher

Robert Fisher Headshot

Robert B. Fisher FIAPR, FBMVA (PhD Edinburgh, 1987) has a Personal Chair in Computer Vision. His research covers many topics in computer vision, specialising in 3D computer vision and its application (300+ peer-reviewed scientific articles, Google H-index: 48). 

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Academic Lead - Jane Hillston

Jane Hillston FRSE MAE is a leading expert in quantitative formal methods which support logic-based analysis of stochastic dynamic systems.  Her work has been applied in a variety of domains ranging from intracellular signalling systems, cloud computing, to smart city transport systems.

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Academic Lead - Srinjoy Mitra 

Srinjoy Mitra

Srinjoy Mitra is a Senior Lecturer with extensive experience in custom integrated circuit design for ultra-low power sensor interfaces, particularly for biomedical applications. He has led industry sponsored and publicly funded projects related to ambulatory medical devices.

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Academic Lead - Petros Papapangiotou

Petros Papapanagiotou is a Chancellor's Fellow in Digital Technologies at the School of Informatics. His research focuses on systems to support, coordinate, and optimize human collaboration, with a combination of workflow management, AI, and IoT event monitoring. He has a track record of collaborating with the industry, public and third sector, including the NHS, mainly in health and social care. 

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Academic Lead - Nick Polydorides

Nick Polyorides

Nick Polydorides is a Reader in computational engineering, specialising in data science. He is the Head of the Digital Communications Research Institute in the School of Engineering. He works on data sketching algorithms for real time simulation and data compression. 

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Academic Lead - Subramanian Ramamoorthy

Subramanian Ramamoorthy - Headshot

Subramanian Ramamoorthy is Professor and Personal Chair of Robot Learning and Autonomy, in the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh where he is the incoming Director of the Institute of Perception, Action and Behaviour.  His work is focussed on achieving safe autonomy for robotics in human-centered environments. He is Vice President - Prediction and Planning at FiveAI, a UK-based startup company developing autonomous vehicles technology. 

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Research Associate - Longfei Chen

Longfei Chen is a research associate of ACRC, interested in human-computer interaction, behavior modeling, pattern recognition and statistical learning. He is studying non-invasive monitoring of the activities of the elderly at home or in a care home situation.

Research Associate - Imran Saied

Imran Saied

Imran Saied is a research associate at ACRC, where he will be investigating sensors and sensing modalities to monitor vital parameters of people living in care environments. He has several years of research experience which focus on the design and development of noninvasive and flexible sensors for different applications.

Research Assistant - Sadeque Khan

Dr Sadeque Khan is a Research Associate with ACRC.  Sadeque joins us from CSignum Ltd. where he was working as electronics design engineer. He did his PhD from Heriot-Watt University on wireless power transfer system design for biomedical devices  and has nine years of experience in embedded systems, IC designing, electromagnetism and wireless power transfer.

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