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The Team: Enhancing the Data Infrastructure

Meet the Team: Workpackage Three

Workpackage Lead - Dr. Honghan Wu

Honghan Wu - Headshot

Honghan Wu jointly leads the Clinical NLP Group at the University of Edinburgh. Dr Wu is a Lecturer in Health Informatics at UCL, London and a Rutherford Research  Fellow doing clinical data science in Usher Institute, University of Edinburgh.

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Workpackage Lead - Dr. Beatrice Alex

Beatrice Alex - Headshot

Beatrice Alex jointly leads the Clinical NLP Group at the University of Edinburgh. Dr Alex is a Chancellor’s Fellow at the Edinburgh Futures Institute and Turing Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute and the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh.

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Research Fellow​ - Dr. Huayu Zhang

Huayu Zhang photo

Huayu Zhang is a Research Fellow for ACRC. He has background of both clinical data science and biomedical sciences. His research focus on the application of knowledge graph in biomedical knowledge integration and prediction. He is also interested in integration of computable knowledge into predictive modelling. 

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Research Fellow - Dr. Arlene Casey

Arlene Casey is a Research Fellow for ACRC with a background in industrial mathematics and a PhD in computational linguistics. She has over 15 years’ experience mainly working in Informatics within Pharmaceutical research but also in the Social Housing sector.  Her research interests are in developing natural language processing and machine learning techniques for the representation, extraction, and generation of semantic information from structured and unstructured data.


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