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The Advanced Care Research Centre (ACRC)

ACRC introductory briefing paper. 2021;1(1): 1-2.

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Journal Articles:

Classification of Alzheimers Disease using RF Signals and Machine Learning

Saied, I., Arslan, T., Chandran, S.

IEEE Journal of Electromagnetics, RF and Microwaves in Medicine and Biology. 2021.

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Care-home outbreaks of COVID-19 in Scotland March to May 2020: national linked data cohort analysis

Burton JK, McMinn M, Vaughan J, Fleuriot J, Guthrie B.

Age and Ageing. 2021.

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Area effects on the level and development of social exclusion in later life

Prattley, J., Buffel, T., Marshall, A., Nazroo, J. 

Social Science and Medicine. 2020;246(3): 1-11.

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Closing the UK care home data gap – methodological challenges and solutions

Burton JK, Goodman C, Guthrie B, Gordon AL, Hanratty B, Quinn TJ.

International Journal of Population Data Science. 2020;5(4): 1-6.

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Evolution and impact of COVID-19 outbreaks in care-homes: population analysis in 189 care-homes in one geographic region

Burton JK, Bayne G, Evans C, Garbe F, Gorman D, Honhold N, McCormick D, Othieno R, Stevenson J, Swietlik S, Templeton KE, Tranter M, Willocks L, Guthrie B.

Lancet Healthy Longevity. 2020;1(1): E21-E31.

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Discharges from NHSScotland hospitals to care homes

Management Information Statistics publication for Scotland. 2020;1(1): 1-94.

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