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Healthcare transformation in multimorbidity

Join our healthcare transformation in multimorbidity with Systems Engineering and Thinking approach project

Are you an older adult or do you care for a close family member with multiple long-term conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia or other?You can contribute to the design of an Innovation Hub to tackle challenges in transitions of care by joining our project as a public contributor


How to be involved in ACRC PPIE


What is the Systems Engineering and Thinking To Transform Transitions (SET4) in Health and Social Care for people with Multiple Long-term Conditions about? 

We know that navigating health and social care can be difficult, especially for people who have multiple long-term health conditions. Our project focusses on the transitions of health and social care, for example between a GP (General Practitioner) and a specialist hospital clinic, or between a hospital and a social care service when discharged home. Previous work has shown these transition points often cause problems and poor experiences. Systems Engineering and Thinking are widely used in industry to design change and improvement. These approaches focus on developing a deep understanding of systems, how they connect and how people interact with them. 

The SET4 project is designed to bring these Systems Engineering and Thinking approaches into health and social care. Our current project aims to understand the problems people with multiple long-term conditions face at transitions of health and social care, and to design our approach to improvement within a future Innovation Hub. This is being done in partnership with health and social care practitioners, systems engineers and designers across South East Scotland and North East England. Your experiences will help to shape our future Hub bid, to will deliver and test changes to systems of care. 

Your part in this research project is valued and essential in our design of a future Innovation Hub.

Are there any eligibilities and requirements? 

At SET4 we are looking for people with multiple long-term health conditions, their carers, close family members, and healthcare professionals to contribute and share their experiences of health and social care. 

As we prioritise diversity and inclusion, we are also actively looking for people from underrepresented groups to join our project. 

Previous experience of research isn’t needed for you to contribute to our work. We can help you to find opportunities that interest you and we’ll support you to feel comfortable in your role. 

Payment and expenses 

We follow guidelines from the National Institute for Health and Care Research and offer vouchers to our Network members to acknowledge the valuable contributions to our work. 

We also cover agreed expenses that Network members incur due to being involved in our work. 

Are you interested? 

We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in getting involved. Please contact our PPIE Team at

If you don't meet the criteria for this specific project but are still interested in contributing your thoughts on health or social care, please do still contact us, and we will do our best to match you with a suitable project. 

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