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CMO Report cites ACRC evidence

Several papers from the ACRC cited as evidence in CMO's Annual Report.

The 2023 Chief Medical Officer’s Annual Report, 'Health in an Ageing Society',

featured ACRC work which contributed to the framing of chapters five (supporting older adults to live well with disease) and seven (research recommendations) of both via discussion with the authors and providing published evidence.

Notably, both our recent large ACRC-led systematic reviews of complex interventions were cited as key evidence as well as our earlier work on multimorbidity.

You can find the work evidenced in s5.3 Supporting older adults to live well with disease (Identifying and responding to frailty) from p182.

cover of annual report

Furthermore, chapter 7 (p213) is all about where the focus of research should sit, and the recommendations within almost perfectly align with the ongoing work of the ACRC and AIM CISC. Your research matters.

There were also references from previous work of Bruce Guthrie and Stewart Mercer (ACRC Director and Deputy Director respectively), including a multimorbidity study from 2012 (s5.1 p175 and the charts on p175 and 177); and the NICE Multimorbidity guideline which doesn’t mention ACRC but BG chaired the guideline development group(p184).

You can read the Annual Report in full here.

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