Advanced Care Research Centre

Celebrating impact: Research Impact Award winners announced

The ACRC took home an award for 'Team Culture' at an awards ceremony on the 30th May

At the Edinburgh of University Impact Festival Research Impact Awards on the 30th May, the ACRC walked away with a prize for 'Team Culture' You can read more about the awards, here, but the award introduction is below:

The prize for Team Culture goes to a highly interdisciplinary team that crosses a number of Schools, centres and disciplines across the University. They prioritise Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) and co-creation approaches in all their research and engagement activities, making individuals and communities an inseparable part of their team. Their outstanding dedication to building a truly interdisciplinary culture of collaboration, inclusivity, and shared commitment to impactful research that benefits society makes them the worthy recipient of this year’s prize.


It is a fantastic achievement to receive this award, and it is a testament to the research, commitment and interdisciplinary working of all the researchers, teams and work packages across the entire ACRC. 

Congratulations and thank you to all.

Dr Stella Arakelyan and Dr Nichole Fernandez, were on stage to collect the award:

Nichole said “Being here with Stella, Imran and Janice, all from different specialties shows how multidisciplinary we are at the ACRC, and I’m pleased to be part of it”

Stella added: “It was a wonderful experience to be able to share our research with everyone, and to be on stage to collect this award.

“We’re going to display it somewhere prominent in the office”