Advanced Care Research Centre

Glossary of Terms

This a glossary of acronyms and terms related to the ACRC. There are a number of other glossaries and style guides, on the University of Edinburgh or Newcastle University websites, which can be useful to refer to.

AAW = Advanced Analytics Workbench, new name for PPZ; virtual machine in the national safe haven for special projects.

The Academy = The ACRC Academy for Leadership and Training in Advanced Care (PhD Programme at the ACRC)

ACRC = Advanced Care Research Centre (Our research centre, focusing on improving care for people in later life).

ADL = activities of daily living

Advanced care = care in later life

AE = Adverse Events

AI = Artificial intelligence

AIM-CISC = Artificial Intelligence and Multimorbidity: Clustering in Individuals, Space and Clinical Context (a 3 year research grant, funded by the NIHR)

AIM RSF = AI for Multiple Long-Term Conditions Research Support Facility

Algorithms = a type of computer operation made up of calculations to solve a problem

AMS = Academy of Medical Sciences

ASTOX = Annual Statement of Expenditure

ATAS = Academic Technology Approval Scheme

ARC, usually in the context of NIHR ARC = NIHR Applied Research Collaboration

Bayes Centre – University of Edinburgh’s innovation hub for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

BNF = British National Formulary

BRAT = web-based tool for text annotation

CAHSS = College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Edinburgh

CALIBER = open-access resource providing information, tools and phenotyping algorithms for UK electronic health records data

CCF RMS = Central Commissioning Facility Research Management System (NIHR online portal)

CCIS = Charlson Comorbidity Index Score

CDO = Chief Dental Officer

CDT = Centre for Doctoral Training

CEQs= Course Enhancement Questionnaires

CGA = Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

CHI = Community Health Index Number (10 digits, includes date of birth, gender, unique ID number)

CMVM = College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine at the University of Edinburgh

CMO = Chief Medical officer

CNO = Chief Nursing Officer

Commercial data storage = businesses who digitally store data for future use

CPHS = Centre for Population Health Sciences

CPRD = Clinical Practice Research Datalink; UK Gov-run anonymised primary care database

CSE = College of Science and Engineering at the University of Edinburgh

CSO = Chief Scientist Office

CTA = Clinical Trial Authorisation

CTO = Chief Technical officer

DA = directly allocated

DI = directly incurred

DataLoch = a data service that has been developed in South East Scotland to bring together routine data in health and social care services.

DDE = Data Driven Entrepreneurship

DDI = Data Driven Innovation (An innovation network helping organisations tackle challenges for industry and society by doing data right)

DPIA = Data Protection Impact Assessment


Drivers = another word for ‘factors’ that is used to describe something that has an influence on something else

DTP = Doctoral Training Programme

DPT = Degree Programme Table

DRPS = Degree Regulations and Programmes of Study

ECA = Edinburgh College of Art at the University of Edinburgh

eFI = electronic Frailty Index

EI = Edinburgh Innovations

ELDeR = A practical, team-based approach to learning design

ELSA = English Longitudinal Survey of Ageing

EMIS = Emis Health (formerly Egton Medical Information Systems), supplier of electronic patient record software. Approx 50% of GP practices use EMIS products (this feeds into the CPRD Aurum database.)

EMREC = University of Edinburgh Research Ethics Committee

EPCC = Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre

EPSRC = Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

ERAP = electronic Research Applications Portal (CPRD)

ESRC = Economic, Political and Social Research Council

ESC = Extensions and special circumstances


Evaluative research = a type of research which focuses on the effectiveness of a given process


Frailty = a state of declining health.

FSTOX = Final Statement of Expenditure

GP = General practitioner

H&SC = Health and social care

HES – Hospital Episode Statistics - data warehouse with details of all admissions, outpatient appointments and A&E attendances at NHS hospitals in England

HSCP = Health and social care partnership

HDR UK = Health Data Research UK (Working to unite the UK’s health data to enable discoveries that improve people’s lives.)

HIC = Health Informatics Centre

HiSS = Health in Social Science 

HSS = School of Health in Social Science at the University of Edinburgh

HWL = Healthier Working Lives for the care workforce

ICD e.g. ICD-10 = International Classification of Diseases e.g. ICD-10 (tenth revision)

IHTSDO = International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (trades as SNOMED)

IGC = Institute of Genetics and Cancer

Integrated care = refers to the co-ordination of care into a single process often, across different departments.

IoC = Images of care (research designed to capture, challenge, and change perspectives around ageing and care through images)

IRAS = Integrated Research Application System - a single system for applying for the permissions and approvals for health and social care / community care research in the UK

ISAC = Independent Scientific Advisory Committee

JLA = James Lind Alliance (an organisation that brings patients, carers and clinicians together in Priority Setting Partnerships to identify and prioritise the Top 10 unanswered questions or evidence uncertainties that they agree are the most important.)

L&G = Legal & General (our funders)

LBC = Lothian Birth Cohort (a research group based in Psychology at the University of Edinburgh, aiming to understand how our brain and thinking skills change throughout life, and why some brains age better than others.)


Logistic regression model = a method of statistical analysis which can result in a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer based upon observations made from collected data.

LTC = long term condition


Machine learning = refers to computer systems that are able to use patterns of data to learn and adapt without specific instruction.

MEL = Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (framework)

MGPHS = Molecular, Genetic and Population Health Sciences

MHRA = Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

MIMIC = a publicly available dataset from MIT that comprises deidentified health data associated with thousands of intensive care unit admissions

MLN = Multi-slice Networks

MLTC – multiple long term conditions

MM = Multimorbidity (the coexistence of two or more long-term conditions (including mental and physical) within an individual)

MRC = Medical Research Council (improves the health of people in the UK - and around the world - by supporting excellent science, and training scientists.)

MTA = material transfer agreement


Multi-morbidity = refers to a person who may have one or more health condition at the same time.

National Safe Haven = a secure environment where personal data is stored

NHS = National Health Service

NHSx = (NHS user eXperience) - UK Gov agency for tech policy and best practice; now merged with NHS Digital

NICA = National Innovation Centre for Ageing, Newcastle University

NICE = National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

NIHR = National Institute for Health Research

NLP = Natural language processing, the application of computational techniques to the analysis of natural language and speech e.g. using computational methods to better understand free text in general practice records.

ORDO = Orphanet Rare Disease Ontology

PBPP = Public Benefit and Privacy Panel (NHS Scotland Public Benefit and Privacy Panel for Health and Social Care)

PDRA = Postdoctoral research associate

PG = Postgraduate (having completed a degree)

PGR = Postgraduate Research(ers)

PGT = Post Graduate (Taught) - an MSc, or PhD with a taught component

PhD = Doctor of philosophy (typically the highest level of educational attainment)

PHS = Public Health Scotland, Scotland’s lead national agency for improving and protecting the health and wellbeing of all of Scotland’s people

PMO = Programme Management Office

PPIE = Patient and public involvement and engagement

PPLS = School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences at the University of Edinburgh

PPZ = Private Project Zone; used in Dataloch


Predictive strategy = a form of advanced analysis based on the use of historical data to predict future events

PROSPERO = International prospective register of systematic reviews

PRU, usually in the context of NIHR PRU = Policy Research Unit


Radio frequency = a measurement of electromagnetic waves used a mostly as a form of communication.

RCT = Randomised Control Trials

Routine data = refers to the repeated collection of data information.

RUPICs = Researchers Understanding the Person In Context

SAE = Serious Adverse Effects

SAIL = Secure Anonymised Information Linkage database (providing researchers with high-quality linkable data to address important research questions)

SES = Socioeconomic status


Sensors = defined as a device which identifies and responds to changes in an environment.

SIGN = Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network

SLS = Scottish Longitudinal Study

SMR00 = Scottish Morbidity Record 00 – Outpatient attendance

SMR01 = Scottish Morbidity Record 01 – General/Acute Inpatient and Day Case

SMR02 = Scottish Morbidity Record 02 – Maternity Inpatient and Day Case

SNOMED = Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine

SoECAT = Schedule of Events Cost Attribution Template

SPsS = Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS)

SPS/SSPS = School of Social and Political Science

T&Ds = Tutors and Demonstrators


Telemonitoring = a type of technology that may be used to remotely monitor patient health.

Telescot = A programme of academic research investigating telemetric supported self monitoring of long term health conditions.

UG = undergraduate

UHPI = system allocated unique reference number for Trak

UI = urinary incontinence

UKRI =  UK Research and Innovation (convenes, catalyses and invests in close collaboration with others to build a thriving, inclusive research and innovation system)

UMLS = Unified Medical Language System 

UPRN = Unique Property Reference Number

UoE = University of Edinburgh

VOICE = a platform for citizens across the UK and internationally, to support PPIE, based at NICA

WP = Work package

WP3 = Work Package 3: Improving the data infrastructure

WP4 = Work Package 4:Understanding the person in context

WP5 = Work Package 5: Data driven insight and prediction

WP6 = Work Package 6: Technology of care

WP7 = Work Package 7: Models of care

WT = Wellcome Trust (a charitable foundation focused on health research based in London)

10k Steps = Beyond the 10 000 steps: Managing less visible aspects of healthy ageing at work