Acute Care Edinburgh

Research Preview 2023

This Winter Holiday ACE newsletter gives an exciting preview of some of the brilliant research/activities the ACE community will be conducting in 2023.

Preventing Re-hospitalisations of Acute Care Survivors

Shuo Xu and Thanasis Tsanas
Shuo Xu and Thanasis Tsanas

Shuo Xu has just begun her PhD with Thanasis Tsanas, Professor (Personal Chair) in Digital Health and Data Science. Together they will use longitudinal physical and mental health monitoring with wearable sensors and smartphones to prevent re-hospitalisation of elderly acute care survivors. We will talk to Shou in the New Year to learn more.

AI Tool Can Help Diagnose Heart Failure

Professor Nicholas Mills
Professor Nicholas Mills

Professor Nicholas Mills, British Heart Foundation Professor of Cardiology and team have developed a new tool which uses AI to combine routinely collected patient data with results from blood tests for the protein NT-proBNP which is made by the heart. The tool called CoDE-HF produces an estimate of whether a patient has suffered heart failure. BMJ paper

New Trials to Investigate Acute Liver Injury

James Dear
Professor James Dear

James Dear Professor (Personal Chair) of Clinical Pharmacology is preparing to launch 4 new trials next year, Albatross, POC-DILI, MAIL and HiSNAP. These trials will test novel treatments to prevent and treat acute liver injury due to paracetamol and test the diagnostic accuracy of a new point-of-care test. We will hear more about James's work early 2023.

A2B Study Marks its 1000th Recruit!

patients and chocolate boxes

Patients who are too deeply sedated can experience a prolonged stay, ICU delirium and distressing memories afterwards. The A2B study investigates the use of Alpha 2 agonists for sedation to produce better outcomes from critical illness. We will catch up with the research team involved and congratulate them on their recent recruitment success.

Farewell to MSc in Critical Care Programme Co-Director

Graham Nimmo and MSc student
Graham Nimmo

Graham Nimmo has successfully co-directed the popular online programme, that blends the specialty of Critical Care with Clinical Research and Academic Practice at The University of Edinburgh. We will hear from Graham about what is next for him and how proud he feels now that the first programme cohort have graduated.