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RECOVERY Trial Recruitment

RECOVERY has recruited over 10,030 participants across the UK, with Scotland randomising 661 patients across 21 sites the length and breadth of the country.

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The trial now allows for a second randomisation, where eligible patients are randomised to receive the immunosuppressant, Tocilizumab in addition to the treatment arm allocated in Phase 1.

The adaptive design of the study means there are always new and exciting additions to the protocol. Most recently this has included approval for the recruitment of both pregnant women and Paediatrics (subject to local approval). The success of the trial is entirely dependent on the engagement of the clinical team, thus we are urging all clinicians working in the RED zones to do the 30 minute online training. To confirm eligibility and prescribe treatments for patients with suspected and confirmed COVID-19, and become part of the largest COVID-19 drug trial in the world, visit, click ‘For Site Staff’ and follow the training link. Once completed, enter your details into the Confirmation of Online Training, this will trigger an email that should be forwarded to