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ISARIC-4C Lessons from 82 000 in-hospital patients with COVID-19

Annemarie Docherty and Ewen Harrison are featured in the Usher Institute Webinar series of talks.

Dr Annemarie Docherty and Professor Ewen Harrison
Dr Annemarie Docherty and Professor Ewen Harrison

Annemarie Docherty and Ewen Harrison have been leading the data analysis for ISARIC-4CCCP-UK. This observational study has recruited approximately two thirds of patients of all ages admitted to hospital in the UK with Covid-19 and has been used to understand the epidemiology of Covid-19 and inform government bodies in near-real time.


Ewen Harrison, Professor of Surgery and Data Science, Head of Centre for Medical Informatics, University of Edinburgh and Consultant HPB Surgeon at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.

Annemarie Docherty, Wellcome Clinical Research Fellow and Consultant in Critical Care.

Watch Annemarie and Ewen's talk here